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    Ave A Giraffe In A Bath

    Classic cockney comedy at an experiential event at Bullring Birmingham, combined with an on-air and digital development. A bathroom-themed stand featured a screen showing a giraffe in a bubble bath! Shoppers could play a game by popping the bubbles. The top player each day won a Smart TV and Home Cinema system, and everyone gotread more

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  • National Grammar Day – Marcomms Man

    It has come to my attention that last Tuesday was National Grammar Day….and not a lot of people know that! But if, like me, you hate sloppy punctuation, grammar and writing, take a moment to open the link below. It will make you smile, and will remind you that when published, poor English reflects badlyread more

  • The lessons to learn from Debs’ festive failure – Robert Hocking

    Tiffany Holland’s Big Story on Debenhams (Retail Week, 10 January) highlighted the wider woes of retailers at large. The sector has seen seismic change over the past decade, yet some retailers are still catching up on the results of that flux – with Debenhams being a prime example. As Holland points out in your piece,read more

  • Brands want to be liked, but will they then be purchased? – Marcomms Man

    Two items in the marketing news media caught my eye recently. The first is an old chestnut of mine, and put in a nutshell it’s the issue of where the role of marketing sits in relation to sales. There seems to be far less correlation between the two than there used to be and Iread more

  • Social media update via headphones, jeans and even toasters. – Becky Loxley

    The ability to connect to social media sites today is getting easier with an increasing number of new ways to do so. The introduction of the smartphone and mobile web browsing made it possible to connect to social media on-the-go and usage skyrocketed as a result. Now, auto-updates through apps have become normality –  instantlyread more

  • Are you being served? The rise of the vending machine. – Allana Isaacs

    The vending machine began life as a commodity item, dispensing basic products in a convenient and efficient manner. Located on streets, in shopping centres, hotel foyers and public toilets, they dispensed everything from toiletries, snacks, canned and bottled drinks and even began with postcards at the close of the nineteenth century. While these still exist,read more

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Can advertising really contribute positively to society? – Roger Hyslop

Posted on April 16, 2014 by

The annual Reputation Institute Global RepTrack 100 study has found that only 15% of Brits actually believe what companies say in their advertising, with the rest neutral, disbelieving or unsure. Compared to the 25% level found globally that makes us a pretty cynical lot. It also highlights the need constantly to accentuate the positives of marketing investment made by many organisations, notably charitable institutions and until recently some government departments.

I can remember campaigns like ‘Clunk Click, Every Trip’ which changed the habits of a nation and which has contributed to saving many lives since the days when seat belts were considered a rather tiresome intrusion.

I also recall Initials’ 2007 campaign for The Food Standards Agency which set out to change consumer attitudes towards salt intake. We took the FSA’s TV message into other channels by persuading top retailers and brands – Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S, ASDA, Kraft, Nestle and Unilever to name a few – to communicate the lower salt message on packs and in stores all over the country. At the end of the campaign, research showed that salt level intakes had reduced from 11.5g to 9g, so it was gratifying to read this week that over the last decade deaths from heart attacks have declined by 40%.

There are many other examples, from smoking to smoke alarms and safety in the home, so given the public’s attitude to and distrust of advertising, perhaps it’s time for organisations like the Advertising Association to publicise more widely the successes that many practitioners can claim which have made a positive contribution to society.

Roger Hyslop

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A Return to Craft

Posted on March 17, 2014 by

Our Head of Strategy, Robert Hocking, discusses a growing trend for authentic products in the latest edition of Design:retail with a piece entitled ‘A Return to Craft’.

“Research says that 63 percent of U.K. adults are actively seeking or considering products that fall within the category of craft.”

“It was evident the product itself demands more, and the discerning shopper definitely expects more, than your average retail environment today delivers.”

To read his full article visit the latest Design:retail magazine online.



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