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Road to Rio


    How it all kicked off

    Read our seasonal feature, #RoadToRio, where we provided a snapshot of 2014 World Cup-themed campaigns in the UK.
    Our football scouts kept an eye out for both sponsors’ promotions and also attempts by non-sponsors to cash in on the football fever without impinging copyrights. So why not check it out to read up on what was surely one of the most-used marketing themes this summer.

    Our pundits’ views

Live Now

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    At Initials, it’s nothing but fun every day!

    The nationwide ‘Win Nothing but Fun Every Day’ campaign created by Initials for Maynards, Bassetts and the Natural Confectionery brands runs from now until 4th October 2014. Everyone who enters will win a prize or reward from a fund that ranges from money-off coupons to experiences and product prizes such as a giant outdoor Jenga,read more

Our Thoughts

  • All I want for Christmas is…

    As I tick off yet another year on the career calendar, my thoughts turn to what the year 2015 has in store, and so what, in an ideal world, I’d like to put on my Christmas list. So here goes… Online/offline balance The torrent of comment about the next social media channel, the next mobileread more

  • Supporting parents in the workplace makes business sense for agencies

    INITIALS Account Director Natalie Wright has contributed a feature to the Guardian on issues faced by working parents within the marketing industry. In her piece, Natalie outlines some of the ways parents are discriminated against in the workplace and offers valuable advice on how agency managers can be more accommodating. The article, which is sponsoredread more

  • Hello Ello, goodbye Facebook?

    People have been predicting the demise of Facebook for years, citing factors like the popularity of Twitter and young people’s disillusionment with social media as reasons for the apparently inevitable downfall of the digital giant. However, despite these challenges, the social network is still going strong: with 1.28 billion monthly active users, Facebook is showingread more

  • The switched on consumer

    “Switch it off” is a message that haunts our nation: ‘Save electricity, stop global warming’. However it is becoming increasingly important to stay switched on. Innovation of the consumer shopper process has seen retailers digitalise, creating widespread competition with companies constantly looking for an innovative new USP to help drive sales. Argos has combined in-storeread more

  • A week is a long time in retailing too

    It’s often been said that a week is a long time in politics, and the events of the last week have certainly given credence to that. But judging by recent reports and observations it’s also a long time in the retail business. Some weeks ago I wrote in Retail Gazette about HMV’s journey from administrationread more

Exciting Things Happen in the world of initials

All I want for Christmas is…

Posted on December 12, 2014 by

As I tick off yet another year on the career calendar, my thoughts turn to what the year 2015 has in store, and so what, in an ideal world, I’d like to put on my Christmas list. So here goes…

Online/offline balance

The torrent of comment about the next social media channel, the next mobile device and the latest gorgeous gizmo threatens to loosen our grip on commercial reality. According to a recent U.S. study, 90% of American retail sales still happen in stores.

What’s more, the seemingly unstoppable advance of the discounters is producing seismic shifts in market share, sales, profitability and thus share price for companies that for years have been the giants of the UK grocery retail scene. It seems to me that unless the big four turn their business models on their heads and become discounters themselves, they have to find radical new ways to retain shopper loyalty, and fast. Most things in life are cyclical, and a few decades ago the grocery retail market was enlivened by exciting, colourful, innovative promotional campaigns that drove basket value, brought in new customers and encouraged regular weekly purchase. In the new environment of, for some consumers, almost daily shopping trips to their local convenience store, there might well be a place for a return to that previously vibrant marketing activity, driven both by retailers and brands, and now enlivened by data driven online communication that enables a brand to identify and connect with its audience early in the buying journey.


Real briefs in real time

Please Santa, can you ask clients not to contact agencies unless they have a real brief with an approved budget? It’s an industry-wide issue and agencies will tell you that they spend thousands of pounds every year answering requests for information (RFIs), attending mass agency briefings and responding to what are often just fishing trips by curious marketing executives. It’s unproductive both for clients and agencies, and does nothing for the relationship between marketers and agency people which is so important to the creative process.


Investment programme or commercial bullying?

The IPA’s condemnation of Premier Foods’ tactic of demanding up-front payments from all their suppliers is timely, and the resulting withdrawal will be welcomed by every company with whom they trade. Over-riding discounts have been a feature of retailing since the seventies but this was clearly a step too far. It remains to be seen how that company will strive to replace the revenue it expected to gain from these ill-judged RFIs…that’s requests for income!

I hope that the season of goodwill to all men (suppliers) will extend beyond December, so that the many SMEs who trade with the big corporations can see their businesses grow as a result of, rather than despite their sales relationship with them.


Go tell the world

For years the UK creative industry has been recognised as pre-eminent globally, but it is in danger of being subsumed by the dumbing down of the art into a process-driven commodity. Ironic when you consider that some of the most successful ‘new’ brands, like Carphone Warehouse,  Amazon, Facebook and many others have created billion pound businesses by a combination of innovative product development, excellent customer service and outstanding marketing. So my hope for the New Year is a return to the recognition of the valuable contribution, not just to short term revenue, but also to the lifetime value of a business that innovative advertising and marketing investment can make.

Equally, agencies are sometimes at fault for not publicising their campaign’s achievements. Whilst marketers understand the value of marketing in building a long term brand, some CEOs, finance and production directors still see it as an unmeasurable cost rather than a necessary investment. So let’s celebrate our successes, not just through award schemes, but where it matters, in the boardroom and throughout our clients’ companies.


A very Merry Christmas and, above all, a happy and prosperous New Year.

Roger Hyslop


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Initials appoints Dan Jerrard as new creative director

Posted on October 24, 2014 by

Initials (L-R, Nick Presley, Dan Jerrard)

Creative communications agency Initials is growing its creative department with four new hires, including ex-Haygarth associate creative director Dan Jerrard as its new creative director.

The appointments mark the launch of a company-wide development programme aimed at bringing Initials’ youngest talent and most experienced employees together. They will learn from each other and create the most informed solutions for clients.

Initials CEO Jamie Matthews comments: “20-year-olds can learn a lot from forty-somethings and vice versa. Both have a huge amount of creativity and great ideas to offer.”

Jerrard will play an important role in kick-starting the programme within the creative team, having helped to double the size of the creative department at Haygarth since he joined in 2011. Jerrard worked on some of Haygarth’s most high profile blue chip accounts, including Sony Mobile, Heineken and the Organic Trade Board. Before that he was group head at BD Network, having first launched his career at Dynamo.

At Initials, Jerrard will work on some of the agency’s largest accounts, including AkzoNobel, PepsiCo, Mondelez and J Sainsbury’s. Allan Guy, the current creative director at Initials, continues in the agency focusing on new ventures and working closely with Presley and Jerrard to ensure the quality of work in the agency remains at the highest levels.

Nick Presley, executive creative director, said: “We loved Dan’s passion and ability to work on multi-channel activity. He’s had a great grounding to his career in his previous agencies and he’ll significantly increase the firepower of our creative department. His appointment isn’t just responding to the increase in work from our current clients and recent wins, but will help us further develop our offering.”

Dan Jerrard commented: “I instantly recognised that Initials matched my ambitions to help build a creatively-led agency that was not constrained by channel. It’s a very exciting opportunity to work with Nick at the start of a new chapter in the World of Initials.”

Initials has also made three further creative  hires: Bethan Prestwich, a recent graduate from Reading University as designer, and junior creative team members Micaela Beni and Simona Zukauskaite, who join following a number of placements and internships over the last six months.

Presley added: “All three have demonstrated huge potential and a great willingness to learn. They will bring a new dimension of thinking and craft to our work.”

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